12u Mother’s Day Round Robin Baseball Tournament and Homerun Derby a SMASHING Good Time

12u Mother’s Day Round Robin Baseball Tournament and Homerun Derby a SMASHING Good Time

6-4-3 DP Baseball would like to thank Danny Bowman and the12u West Forsyth Diamond Dawgs for playing host to the 12u "It's the Journey" Fight against Breast Cancer Mother’s Day Round Robin Baseball Tournament and Homerun Derby. Other participating teams and great contributors were the North Georgia Rays, 6-4-3 DP Tigers, and 6-4-3 DP Cougars. All tournament games were played with wood bats while the home run derby was conducted with aluminum bats.  After all teams played three full games, the home run derby concluded this great and worthy fundraising event…and the derby did not disappoint. 

In the derby, each player got 10 swings to see who would be the 2013 Mother’s Day Home Run Champion.  After taking the top two players from each team, the final eight players for the derby were set.  After a close final round of five swings each, Caden Smith (6-4-3 DP Cougars) and Luke Boynton (6-4-3 DP Tigers) tied with 4 balls out of 5 leaving the park; thus setting up a necessary tie breaker round.  Once again, Smith and Boynton tied by hitting 3 balls out of 5 beyond the fences. The other players and fans could not believe what they were seeing and did not know that the best had yet to come.  The second tiebreaker round comprised of only 3 swings.  Smith stepped up to the plate first and knocked 2 balls out of 3 way beyond the high outfield fences putting pressure again on Boynton to be perfect to take the home run champion title.  As if written for a movie script, Luke Boynton did not disappoint and launched all 3 balls into orbit - each one further than the previous - and got swarmed by the players in dramatic fashion to take home the title!  More importantly, Boynton, Smith, and all the 12u players, coaches, umpires, and family members helped raise an extra $800.00 to support "It's The Journey" and the fight against breast cancer. 

It was an amazing day…for a deserving cause!

For the stat heads:

Out of approximately 550 swings in the home run derby contest, a total of 107 home runs were tallied.  By team, the breakdown of home runs was as follows:
6-4-3 DP Cougars - 34 
North Georgia Rays- 28
6-4-3 DP Tigers - 28
West Forsyth Diamond Dawgs - 17

Champion - Luke Boynton hit 15 home runs total
Runner up - Caden Smith hit 14 home runs total